Publishing and PSSJ

Why publish with us?

  • Pharmacy focused – Pharmacy has a unique perspective and deserves to be heard. We at UBC PSSJ celebrate this by tailoring our journal to promoting pharmacy scholarship
  • Broad scope – We accept articles from a wide range of pharmacy topics. If a portion of your research data didn’t make it into your final draft, consider making it a separate publication. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste!
  • Local readership – As the journal is based out of UBC, your article will have instant access to the pharmacy faculty
  • Efficiency – Certain assignments can be easily adapted into manuscript form for publication. Why not hit two birds with one stone and publish something that would be of interest to your colleagues?

Article Types We Accept:

If you are unsure about which category your article falls under, please contact the Section Editor in charge of that section, or contact any Exec (Chief or Associate) Editor from PSSJ.

  • Original Research: Original Research Articles are the reports of original research within the pharmaceutical sciences. Although papers by undergraduate students are encouraged, it is not a requirement that authors of these papers are undergraduate students.
  • Review Articles: Review articles are meant to provide an overview of a clinical (ex: therapeutics, drug therapy, recent developments) or educational topic within the pharmaceutical sciences.  These articles should provide an unique perspective on the literature, review recent advances in a particular field or summarize the evidence on a topic that has not been extensively reviewed.  Articles that are simply regurgitating previous literature without adding new perspectives to it will be rejected, as such authors are encouraged to think about the originality of any potential topics before commencing.
  • Case Reports: Case reports and case series are meant to describe patient cases that highlight useful clinical pearls or education points.  Some sources of case report articles could be encounters during clinical rotations, or patient interactions in both the community and hospital workplace. Please note that appropriate permissions must be obtained from the institution or patient(s) before publication. Contact any Executive (Chief or Associate) Editor for details.
  • Editorials/Other Submissions: These are various free-form articles that may be submitted either spontaneously or by invitation (listed as “solicited”.  Even if an article is listed as by invitation-only, interested authors can contact the Editorials Section Editors and inquire if a given topic would be appropriate to publish here.  Essentially, if an article does not fall under Original Research, Reviews, or Case Reports, it will be placed in this section. The various types of articles in this category are:

                – Editorials (solicited): editorials are an opportunity for the community to provide commentary and analysis regarding a previously published article in UBC PSSJ.

                – Op-Eds: these articles are opinion pieces that fall outside the scope of Public Health and Practice Issue articles. NOTE: any Pedagogical and Educational articles that fall outside the scope of Original Research, Reviews, or Case Reports will be placed here as well.

                – Point-Counterpoint (solicited): Experts will be invited to write the pro and con side of a given argument.

                 – Practice Issues: Discussion of issues that pharmacists/pharmacy faces in the future or presently; discourse in all areas of pharmacy practice are welcome.

                – Public Health: Specifically to cover topics which span the globe/have worldwide implications, OR can be discussion of a local issue with public health implications.

                – Workplace Spotlight/Elective Reports: these articles are meant to highlight unique areas of practice in pharmaceutical sciences.

               – Workshop Articles (solicited): Workshop articles are practical guidelines written to review and teach a certain topic within the pharmaceutical sciences (ex: statistics, literature appraisal, counseling techniques)


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