What is UBC PSSJ?

Our Vision and Mission: 

For UBC PSSJ to become a leading student pharmacy journal, where students are encouraged to pursue research and scholarship, contribute their thoughts to the scholarly dialogue on a variety of topics, and are provided with the supportive environment to publish their work.

We are committed to bridging the gap between student knowledge creation and dissemination through mentorship, skill development, and alumni engagement.

Core Principles:

  • Pharmacy focused: UBC PSSJ is the first student-run, peer reviewed pharmacy journal in Canada. Our purpose is to highlight pharmacy-focused research, scholarship, incorporating research into pharmacy practice and to develop a strong research base within the student body
  • Student run: The mission of UBC PSSJ is to bridge the gap between student scholarship and publishing. By providing a supportive environment for students, by students to publish their work, we hope that scholarship and publishing will become part of the pharmacy student culture. As with all culture change, it must come from within. Therefore at its core, UBC PSSJ is a student-led initiative and involves students in all levels of its operation.
  • Open Access (OA): OA refers to a mode of publication that allows unrestricted online access to published scholarly works. Under the OA model, articles are made available online with no charge to readers or libraries and no restriction on their redistribution as long as the author(s) and source(s) are cited as per the Creative Commons Attribution License (see Open access and copyright policy). Authors also retain full copyright to their work and are free to use it elsewhere.
  • Electronic publishing: UBC PSSJ is an electronic-only publication, with few print editions. Publishing electronically increases affordability for both the author and the Journal, with no compromise on the quality or length of manuscripts. An electronic format also allows for the integration of digital media into our journal, such as video and audio files.

Focus and Scope:

UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Journal (UBC PSSJ) is the first peer-reviewed, open-access, and student-run pharmacy journal in Canada. We are committed to promoting and disseminating student, faculty and practitioners’ work in all areas of pharmacy scholarship, including lab-based, clinical, pharmacy practice, and pedagogical research.

UBC PSSJ was created in order to take advantage of the many exciting research projects within the faculty and to provide a pharmacy-focused forum for students, practitioners, and researchers to publish. The journal will also provide support programs such as workshops to empower students with the skills they need to transform their research into publications.

For full guidelines on how to submit an article to UBC PSSJ, please see the “For Authors” section on our website.  If any author is interested in becoming a Peer Reviewer, you can also register as a reviewer on OJS after stating your intent to an executive. See the “Peer Reviewer” section here for more details.


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