Peer Reviewer

For every article type that requires peer review, UBC PSSJ uses two forms of review per article: Student Review and Professional Review.  As such we are looking for both undergraduate/graduate students, as well as practicing professionals, to become part of our peer review team.


  • Student Reviewer: The ideal student reviewer candidate would have either some research experience or a previous degree, as this should acquaint the student with the principles of reading and interpreting scientific literature.  However, students with all levels of academic experience are encouraged to apply as UBC PSSJ hosts a Peer Review Workshop designed to train students and professionals on the importance of peer review/how to give a good peer review.
  • Professional Reviewer: A Professional Reviewer must meet one of the following criteria: 1) hold a university faculty or researcher position; 2) be enrolled in a Graduate Program in the health sciences (not necessarily pharmaceutical sciences) and have expertise related to the topic; or 3) be a licensed pharmacy practitioner.
  • Professional Advisor: Professional Advisors are a special subtype of reviewer and are also necessary because writing a professional manuscript is a challenging process, which for many students may be a completely novel experience. In order to ease the transition and maintain the scientific quality of the journal, all Review Articles and Case Reports where the first author is an undergraduate student are required to have at least one professional advisor. UBC PSSJ may also invite an expert on a given topic to conduct a professional review of an article which would not ordinarily be peer-reviewed (i.e. an opinion piece).

To sign up and become a Peer Reviewer:

1)  Email with a copy of your resume and a brief paragraph stating why you would like to be a peer reviewer, and your areas of expertise or greatest experience.  Participation in our Peer Review Workshop is also required to complete your peer review training.  After signing up on OJS, you will be entered into our database and we will invite you to review an article if it corresponds with your interests.


2)  UBC PSSJ may email you directly with an invitation to peer-review an article that corresponds with your noted area of expertise.  This email will usually come from an executive.

3)  Peer Reviewers, whether invited or selected by UBC PSSJ, can then sign up as Reviewers on OJS using the following steps:

  • Go to UBC PSSJ’s OJS website here
  • Click on “Register” at the top of the page
  • Fill in the required information; you will need to create a username and password to remember, as well as supplying some other information about yourself.  At the bottom of the page where you are asked what to register as, please be sure to check the “Reviewer” box as this will register you in the system as a reviewer, not just a reader.
  • At any time you can log back onto your profile and edit your information such as your affiliations and email. Peer Reviewers are also encouraged to enter in their areas of interest on OJS.  This will help us match you with an article that best suits your knowledge and interest.

Once you are signed up in our database, you will be a part of the peer reviewer pool and if an article comes up that corresponds to your reviewing interests, UBC PSSJ will send you an invitation email with a copy of the article’s abstract.  You will then be given one month to complete the review, should you choose to review the article.

How to Complete a Peer Review:

Peer Reviewers are asked to read the Peer Review Handbook and complete a Peer Review Agreement.  Completing a peer review consists of reading the full manuscript of the article you are given, and then filling out a Peer Review Form here.The instructions for submitting your form to OJS can be found on this Peer Review Form as well. Reviewers are given one month to do this from the date they receive the manuscript.

How to Complete a Professional Review:

Professional reviews are done less formally; the reviewer will simply be sent the manuscript to review and they can then make their comments using the “Track Changes” option of their word processor.  Reviewers are given 1 month to do this from the date they receive the manuscript.


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