Editorial Team

     It is a challenging task to run a journal when students are always graduating and moving on to new points in their lives. But we are always looking for new members who can help move PSSJ in new directions and keep up the quality of our publications, as well as continue to educate the student body about the importance of research and scholarly dialogue. Here is a summary of the varying ways that students can be involved in UBC PSSJ

Section Editor: (Positions Available: 8)

     There are two Section Editors (one junior and one senior) per section of the journal, for a total of eight Section Editors. The general goal of the Section Editor (SE) is to direct the work of each article type within the Journal (Original Research, Reviews, Case reports and Editorials). They act as compilers of information and liaising agents between each author, reviewer and editorial team member. SEs receive their article(s) and send them out to the peer reviewers, then coordinate with peer-reviewers/authors to ensure the author has made the appropriate peer-reviewer requested changes to the article before sending it on to the team’s copyeditors. After copyediting, the SE receives the manuscript back and sends it to the author for a final review, before sending the article to the layout editors. The SE will thus serve as the main contact for both authors and reviewers during the manuscript editing process, which is a very key point as there may be a lot of content being added or removed from an article. This is the main point where authors make their last edits to an article so the major role of the SE is to ensure the content is correct and consistent with other papers on the same topic. Their operations are supervised by the PSSJ executives (Associate Editors and Chief Editors) who are present to resolve any issues that may arise and answer any questions, and done with OJS as a base to coordinate all of the articles. Preference for the position of Senior SE will be given to students with prior research/relevant experience. Tasks and duties will overlap and will be delegated by the Executive Team.

Candidate Assets: Organisational skills, writing/publication skills are helpful, ability to follow up with team members and adhere to deadlines.

What You Will Gain: Editorial experience; skill working with OJS and other unique software formats; the chance to network and communicate with other students and external peer reviewers/practitioners; the chance to be involved directly in student/ professional writing; organisational/ time management skills.

Commitment: 5h per week

Term: Each term as a senior or a junior is 1 year: a full term as junior, then senior Section Editor will be 2 years total.

Copyeditor:(Positions Available: 7)

     The copyeditor is the last stage of text alteration before going to layout, and thus plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of scientific literature in PSSJ is maintained. After the author has made their changes and returned the edited article, the copyeditor receives it from the Section Editor and has the responsibility of ensuring all grammar is correct, references are consistent, and appropriate formal tone is maintained throughout the article. Copyeditors cannot add content to an article, but they can alter the tone slightly by adding punctuation, re-ordering the elements of a sentence or using synonyms. Since there are usually several articles that return from author changes at once, the copy editor is also required to have good time management skills as they are given one week to complete the copyedit of an article. When there are no articles to work on, the copyeditor plays a key role in helping the executive team with PR-related tasks, designing training materials and attending team meetings.

Candidate Assets: Strong grammatical skills, good vocabulary is helpful, good time management skills, knowledge of MS Word and Zotero an asset.

What You Will Gain: Experience with copyediting and preserving formal tone within an article; skill working with OJS and other unique software formats; the chance to be involved directly in student/ professional writing; organisational/ time management skills.

Commitment: 2h per week (depending on article load); this position can be done from a distance as long as there is consistent internet access.

Term: 1 year

Layout Editor:(Positions Available: 7)

     The Layout Editor is one team member who is most concerned with visual appeal of the article. They are responsible for formatting articles into the classic dual-column format with an eye-catching title, inserting colour and regulating the fonts, sizes and style of the text itself. When there are no articles to work on the Layout Editors are most instrumental in designing advertisements, promotional items and helping the execs lead PR campaigns. They also organize the non-article pages that list Letters from the Editors, the Student Team names, and put together the PSSJ Issue cover. Layout editors report straight to the Chief Editors and help promote PSSJ to the student body, attend team meetings and work with the Webmaster/ other team members to produce a polished final product.

Candidate Assets: Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and MS Word; providing samples of your work along with an application is optional.

What You Will Gain: Experience with layout editing and adding visual appeal to a text article; skill working with OJS, MS Word and other unique software formats; skill in advertisement designing and promotion; organisational/ time management skills.

Commitment: Approximately 10h per issue (2 issues per year), depending on the load from PR-related design requests as well. This position can also be done from a distance as long as there is consistent internet access.

Term: 1 year


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