The Pharmacy Read List: September 22nd Edition

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The Pharmacy Read List

Hello everyone! This week we feature an interesting article on the employment experiences of pharmacists in Ontario. Also, since this is the 2nd Read List of September we also have the link for this months quiz. Simply complete the quiz and you’ll be entered into a draw for a Starbucks gift card! Winners will be announced October 6th. Enjoy!
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Postgraduation employment experiences of new pharmacists in Ontario in 2012–2013

Published on July 30, 2014 in Canadian Pharmacists Journal.

Pharmacy has traditionally been considered a stable and moderately lucrative profession but the employment market is changing across Canada. Recent pharmacy graduates have anecdotally reported increasing difficulty in securing stable, long-term employment. This study set out to identify and describe characteristics of the current “job market” for recent pharmacy graduates and to describe the impact of hiring and employment practices on new pharmacists particularly in Ontario. An electronic survey exploring postgraduation employment experiences was distributed to the 2012–2013 graduates from the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto (including the International Pharmacy Graduate program). 212 out of 487 eligible individuals completed some or all parts of the survey of which a stratified random sampling of 14 interested participants were selected for follow-up interviews to explore survey findings. There is misalignment between graduates’ professional expectations and the reality of the employment market with 46.3% being unsatisfied with the quality of their first professional practice position, 70.1% being unsatisfied with their remuneration, and 71.3% being unsatisfied with the quality of patient care services provided at their pharmacy. Of significant importance is how more than 40% of study participants “gather” hours and salary: through a series of part-time positions as their first job rather than through a single full-time position with traditional employment benefits. Respondents indicated that they accepted itinerant or contract work among multiple employers as survival jobs, remarking the current workforce as a “surplus” or “glut”. Consequently, they reported not being able to actually foster the long-term relationships with patients,prescribers or communities that may have evolved through traditional full-time employment relationships. A further exploration of themes identified in this study is required, as is an annual study of the experiences of new graduates. Their experiences will shape the pan-Canadian future of professional practice and are of interest to academics, educators and practitioners.

– Ainge Chang
B.Sc. (Pharm) Candidate 2016


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